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"How does your wife put up with you, your always involved in some off the wall activity".


Have your so called family friends ever made a remark like this? I would hear this over and over from family and her friends not my friends.


My usual reply was "up yours twice on Sunday",

that always gets their attention and they leave me alone.


Needles to say I have a few years under my belt at many different time periods in North America, as well as my racing history. These ventures started in 1945 and continues on to this day .....  Not bragging, the wife looks at my experiences as having an "incurable disease" that can't be treated or corrected.  She claims its the "ME ME ATITUDE", so be it.


That said, I will make an attempt in providing you with some old and new ideas that have passed through and worked for me. I can honestly say for the most part the last 70 years has been a good and sometimes exciting bunch of adventures. Don't ask the wife, she just shakes her head.


I always tell her "we're just passing through the portholes of time", no response she still questions my mental state.



With interests changing I have moved on another new ventures, here are a few.

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Here are a few of articles written as time allowed. We have had some good times still remembered from past experiences.


I couldn't wait to see if we drew  licenses for an area we were interested in hunting or camping in. Most of us were limited on sleep for a week before leaving, We were always  waiting and hoping to receive a permit.


Here are some of those experiences we have trying to follow in our forefather's foot steps. Found it wasn't as easy as stated on some of our ventures. We worked through any issues and put one foot in front of the other for each experience.


We will share some of the fun whether good or bad times experienced over 70 years of running around the woods. A week before a hunting season or scheduled camp I couldn't sleep with the excitement of getting away 'Into The Woods'.




Whoever you talk to about hunting always has the secret spot that only they and a few close friends share the location. How many times have you heard that one, then during the season you run across their special hunting grounds that only "Mr. Known-It-All" and his friends know?



Everyone has memories of adventurers from their youth, mostly remembering the good ones over the bad experiences. My father was 'Mr. Telephone' in Chester County for 40 years, he knew everyone, always watched for great spots to hunt and who he knew that could get us on that property.



Having security at home and in your vehicle is only the basic steps, use your choice of lodging based on; Hotel or Motel location according to: parking, surroundings and distance to eating locations and safety of security near-by.



This was one of our favorite spots to hunt (January Season - Elk or Deer) most hunters don't like fighting the snow and cold. The secret is spending the time to scout (watch the area) in spring, summer and fall. Beautiful country to hang out in whether hunting or just looking at the surroundings.


This article was really popular with the reenactment community and the history buffs. Always referred to when sitting around talking about our forefather's whether in the settlements or sitting around a camp fire. You'll read this and probably return at a later time to read this again. Enjoy what our forefathers had to say about meat.


Here's were everyone has different needs or ideas, some guys I have hunted with in the past would go from one extreme to the other. A good friend would have more gadgets than I knew was even available while our other hunting friend was down to the bare bones for a camp.


This article is some really good information on caring for your firearms whether modern or valued antiques. A must read for you and those that with be given your treasurers down the road guys. Think about sahring what you learn here with the family members to ensure your collection is cared for when your not around.


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